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    i have the client set up and i can send and receive mail using an IMAP .mac account. however, i get doubles of my emails. anyone else experiencing something similar or no what i can do to fix this? tried doing some searches but didn't see much.
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    I have a user with same issue - Wondering if you ever got help?
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    This sometimes happens in my regular Outlook mail as well - the server downloads the mail twice. Don't think it has anything to do with VersaMail.
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    Hmmm...ok....we've got four Treo 650's all using same IMAP server and only one is having this issue.

    Problem only happens when getting mail from one domain...again...none of this happens on any of the other Treo's with Versamail.
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    Sorry - Let me clarify....Only happens when receiving via IMAP server from a specific domain that is sending to this user...Does not happen to anyone else...IMAP server logs show nothing so we were looking at possible Versamail setting, etc.
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    This happened to me once with Agendus I do not think this is a Versamail specific problem.

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