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    I just ordered my Verizon Treo 650 today. I will be upgrading from a T3. On the T3, I am using SuperNames as a replacement for the Contacts application. It is not compatible with the 650.

    Is anybody using a replacement for the built in Contacts application on the 650 or is the built in one adequate?
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    I'd be very interested in people's responses to this. I recently got a Treo 650 after several years without a PDA. I was a Palm early adopter back in the day (USRobotics Pilot anyone?) and my last unit was a Palm Vx with a wireless internet "sled" attachment.

    Somehow, between then and now I kind of expected that the Contacts app would have become truly kickass. Instead the stock app is sixteen different flavors of lame. Terrible use of screen real estate, limited display options, poor handling of photos. YUCK!

    I've done some research for replacement Contacts apps, but everything I've come across thus far seems to be a major overkill (e.g. Agendus) for a user who just wants a slicker, more elegant Contacts app.

    Any suggestions Treophiles?

    - SFSlim
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    I use TealPhone, and like it very much.
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    beyond contacts
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazzo
    I use TealPhone, and like it very much.
    Yes - I've been a fan of Vince and all of his Teal apps for years (for those of you unfamiliar with Tealpoint, you owe it to yourself to check them out!).

    I didn't think that Tealphone supported pictures though... does it?

    - SFSlim (off to to do some research)

    ps. Also, a highres 320x320 app would be an added bonus...
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    Nope - doesn't look like it supports pictures.

    Also, as much as I think Teal apps rock in terms of funtionality, I have to say that TealPhone's look has grown far too cluttered and ugly for my tastes since last I used it.

    Any other suggestions? I don't know about the original poster, but I'm looking for elegance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgarza
    beyond contacts
    At first glance Beyond Contacts looks very promising - somewhere in between the built-it Contacts app and the high geekery of TealPhone.


    (and ain't there _always_ a however?)

    It appears to suffer from the same problem as Agendus: overkill. Rather than just being a replacement for the contacts app, it's an entire SYSTEM, meant to supplant Tasks, Calendar, Contacts and more. Yikes! That's overkill for my needs.

    Also, it doesn't support Mac sync, which the built-in Contacts app (and Tealphone) do, as they both use the standard Palm contacts DB.


    Well, thanks for the suggestion anyway!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbkoh
    Now we're talkin'!

    That looks to be, in the words of Goldilocks, "just right."

    (Save perhaps for the apparent lack of photo support - but I may be wrong about that.)

    Downloading and trying out demo version now. Will report back. Thx!
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