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    Hello everyone. I am currently a Blackberry Enterprise Server admin for a fortune 500 company who is looking into switching to the Treo as our mobile device of choice. Right now, our users are asking more and more for reliable mobile solutions for working with spreadsheets, word documents, etc...and the blackberry definately does not cut it for these apps.

    I recently installed the GoodLink software on a trial basis and I am very happy with it so far. It seems to do all we wanted it to do and, although we haven't talked about money yet, I think it will give us more bang for our buck compared to Blackberry. For instance, I just bought another 100 user licenses for our BES at a cost of $5913.00!!

    Anyway, on to the actual purpose of this thread. I know there is an memory patch coming out for these devices that we are all very anxiously awaiting, but what are my options in the meantime. Right now I have anywhere from 8.5 - 10MB available on my device, yet some apps STILL wont run from my card. Also, the GoodLink software requires a ton of space to install, but doesn't seem to consume that much memory when it's running...very strange. As a consequence of it needing so much room to install, we can barely have anything at all installed on a device if we want to install GoodLink. On the 5 installations I have done on different people's devices, I always had to move or delete stuff in order to make room for the GoodLink software. Also, sometimes moving apps or mp3s to a card causes problems and that's only IF they actual succeed in being moved!

    In short, I love the Treo and the possibility of trashing my BES in favor of it. However, I need to resolve the memory issues in one of two ways:

    1) Either figure out how to free up more space on the internal memory
    2) (preferred) Figure out how to better utilize the card as a true, 100% compatible alternative to the internal memory.

    Thanks everyone.
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    Move Docs2Go to the card using their utility at

    This will free up anywhere from 4-5MB
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    I actually removed docs2go on my device so I think I have more space to work with that most others. I will certainly reinstall it and try that utility though, thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hagakure
    I actually removed docs2go on my device so I think I have more space to work with that most others. I will certainly reinstall it and try that utility though, thank you!
    I'm not an expert on this, but it might help if you listed the apps you're having a problem running with that much memory available. Seems a little strange. Maybe somone can advise further if they know the specific apps.

    One thing you also may want to consider (and don't know if this is feasible for you), but a lot of people who run apps from the card do so with a 3rd party launcher. I do and use zLauncher, but there are others equal to the task. I believe also that most, if not all, the launcher programs will run the launch program itself from the card, so the memory requirement is relatively low. A 3rd party launcher works much better than utilizing the copy/move method within the Palm software.

    I have a lot of apps installed, but anything of size I run from my SD card. Because of this, I usually always have about 13 to 14 mb free RAM.
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    I ruled out Good in favor of Seven based on your own published memory requirements. It said that Good required 14.6 Meg!!! on a Treo 650. That's about 2/3's the devices memory. In comparison, seven requires just over a meg.

    Can any of the Good programs be moved to the card...that's the problem, not docs to go!

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    we have both bes and onebridge installed. soon the bes upgrade will support treos and other smart phones, we are anxiuosly waiting.

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