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    I have just recieved my Treo 600 and am trying to load some of my audio books on the SD card. Most of the books are on multiple CD's so what I have done is make a file folder with sub-folders (one for each CD). I have tried to load two books and there seems to be two things going on. Oh, yea, I am using Pocket Tunes.

    The first book I loaded is the Hitchhikers Guide - which has three CD's. Made a folder with three sub-folders. The book is StarWars - which has 4 CD's.

    Now what is happening. When I click on "artist the menu displays Douglas Adams and Matther Stover, so this is OK.

    When I click on Douglas Adams two file folders pop up and the names are slightly different (one has a "The" in front of it).

    When I clik on one of these I get the third CD's contents OK, But when I click on the other one I get the combined contents of the first and second CD.

    When I go back to the drop down menu and choose "Album" there are only two Hitchhiker folders listed, not the three I made.

    As far as the StarWars, eventhough there are four folders on my SD card (which were made on my pc) only one shows and everything is listed in one folder. There are all four track 1's, four track 2's etc.

    I have tried to changed the Track Numbers on my pc, figuring that this would solve the problem of multiple directories but I can't seem to do that when I right click.

    Anyhow, this is what is going on and I would really appreciate some guidance on transfering audio CD's and cassettes since my wife and I have cornered the market on ownership of them.
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    There are two different ways to view the contents of your SD card when running Pocket Tunes. The first is to use the 'open' option and then choose from the dropdown list in Pocket Tunes the manner in which you wish to view the contents. This has nothing to do with the folders you set up on your card. Pocket Tunes is searching the card any separating it based on it's own criteria. This is why you don't see the folders you set up.

    If you want to see the folders you set up, click the drop down list in the upper right corner of the screen. This will allow you to view the contents of your card the way you set them up.

    I think this should answer your question. If it doesn't, please provide a little more information and I'll see if there is anything I can add that may help. I wouldn't be too concerned about how the titles of the discs appear in Pocket Tunes. PT is simply reading the information the way it was coded. I have songs from a 2-disc cd set on my card and have the same issue. One disc has 'The' at the beginning while the other has 'The' at the end.

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