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    That is just what I wanted. A confident reply. It has got graffiti. we write with the stylus. But vey sad to hear it is very rare.

    It is not at all handy. I have some doubts.

    I have fed the numbers into the sim, but when someone calls me it shows the number and not the contact name. So I am not able to know who calls because, it is very tough to remember the names. What should i do?
    How can I copy the numbers fromt the sim to the phone book contact list(Not the speed dial entry) without entering everything once again.
    I need to same the contact name when someone calls me.
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    I cannot be sure, but i think there is a SIM utility that comes with the Treo that will copy/move contacts from the SIM to the Palm... I know for a fact my Treo 600 and 650 have it. But i don't remember if my 180 or 270 had it.

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