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    DDH Offers $1,000 for Best HanDBase Applet

    DDH Software announces a new campaign to build upon its gallery of customer-developed HanDBase applets available for free in the company's online applet gallery. The centerpiece of this campaign is a $1,000 award offered to the developer of the best custom HanDBase applet.

    No purchase necessary to enter. Get a free full-featured 30-day trial version of HanDBase to create your entry.

    Entry is unlimited. Improve your chances of winning. Enter as many applets as you want there's no limit!

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    Has anyone had any luck with DDH aswering an email message? I've sent three now, and they never even reply! WTF!

    Jfile is ok, but HanDBase rules!!! By far, it is one of my favorite apps for the to AvantGo of course!

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