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    Just got a Treo 600 on EBay- although new or used very lightly , it looks like it was not really unbranded as it has a Cingular logo on startup and has some odd #'s for voicemail locked in, but it works on T-Mobile w/ my SIM card. I may be showing my ignorance, but does it need to be unlocked? I was told it can be done locally by a phone repair shop-( can I do it? )
    I would like to erase the ?Cingular? #'s and put in my appropriate ones. I am happy with it otherwise.
    Also, my "Contacts" information won't open or sync from my Tungsten E Desktop and I don't want to have to retype them all- I know some apps are not compatible but what about the Palm databases?
    Thanks in advance
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    I don't know because I have a PCS phone, but assuming you don't have data stored on it already I'd try a hard reset to see if that fixes it. To do a hard reset you will press down the K and backspace keys and simultaneously insert a paper clip into the reset hole. Keep these pressed for 5 seconds and your phone will reset fully. You'll need to plug it in to get it to power up again, so do it when your charger is nearby.

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