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    I've been using my Sprint 650 for about 3 months now. Did the latest firmware upgrade. The phone has worked well, but I have two annoying bugs(existed prior to the upgrade too): First, when I'm in an active call, I can go to my calendar, but I can't go to Contacts, say to look up a number for somebody. Anyone else experiencing this? Am I doing something wrong?

    Second is the AIM instant messaging seems very clunky. On my old 180, when I got signed in, I remained in a conversation until one of us terminated. With this 650, I can respond to an IM, then the subsequent response from the other party activates a text message telling me I have a new message then I have to go back in through the browser and so forth. This is so lame that I know I must be doing something wrong. No company would run test that and say. "yeah, that's good enough."

    Your patient help appreciated.
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    im not sure if there is a easier way, but the contacts part..hit the home button anc 5 way scroll to contacts and get it from there
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    use "button fix" from and things will get back to normal
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    What I did was put contacts as the Side button. Works great if you are willing to sacrafice the button.
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    so, when you are on a call, you cant press the phone button again and look up a cantact?

    it works for my gsm 650.

    what are u using as your aim client?
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