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    Stopped by the Cingular store today to check whether they have any knowledge of problems with Cingulars' data network. "They're upgrading the networks nationwide over the next 6 MONTHS" was the reply.

    Well, I haven't had internet or email for 5 days now, and am resisting doing a hard reset since everything else is working great. (Plus, what's the trick with the hardreset?).

    Anyways, I'm posting this here (instead of just over on the US GSM forum) to see if anyone has had any issues with email/internet, and/or how to get the network back.

    Any conflicting apps that interfere with email/internet? Will a hard reset really fix the problem? Any particular preferences or other pieces of apps. that might be conflicting? etc. etc.

    This all started during a point in time when I WAS NOT installing any new apps.



    unlocked GSM / Cingular pay-as-go
    always on
    autosync (backup - disabled)
    backup buddy
    chatter (haven't had a chance to try it due to network problem)
    display time change
    docs to go
    fly (gpspilot) <demo>
    guitar tuner
    palm fractal
    treo area codes
    uninstall manager
    worldmate pro <demo>
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    I lost internet for 2 days. Would say "signing in" then would go to "canceling" instead of the usual "Established".

    Calls to the regular help line got me no where... they were pretty clueless. All they would say was it must be a network problem that we will fix. Problem is my wife has a 650 as well on my account and had no trouble at all.

    So for the hell of it I tried calling the support number listed in the unlock your 650 thread. They fixed the problem in like 5 minutes. Was something to do with a corrupted setting that she needed to rest. Has worked perfect ever since.
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    I couldn't get onto the standard Cingular WAP pages, but the other pages worked fine. It sucked because they were using WAY more data and I'm only on the 3MB plan!

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