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    Yeah - the LMP is the best I've tried. I was in a small rental car yesterday on a rough road and the person I was talking to didn't know I was in a car. If the charger was smaller and it didn't look quite so dorky it would be perfect.
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    I read mixed reviews on the logitech mobile freedom. What's your assessment. static, connect time, wind noise, noise cancellation, comfort?
    I haven't done a thorough review like yourself. And I've only used the Treo Wireless Headset and the Logitech Mobile Freedom, no other BT headsets. And my wife is now the one that uses the LMF with her Treo 650. I use another LMF with my Motorola e815.. since I liked the way it sounded when my wife used it with her Treo 650 when talking with me on the other end I bought one for myself. It sounded so much more clear when I talked to her than when she used the Treo Wireless Headset. In fact I THINK she sounds better when using the LMF than she does when just using the handset. As far as noise cancellation and wind noise.. can't say too much.. the worse conditions its used in is in a car with the windows rolled up.. in which it sounds fine. Comfort.. thats the tricky part.. it does take some playing with to learn how to put it on your ear correctly.. turn it too much one way and it can squeeze your ear a bit. But now that I've figured out the best way to put it on my ear, its simple and comfortable. Although it is a bit heavier than the Treo Wireless Headset, its not uncomfortable for me. I did like how the TWH was sooooo light though.
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    I just figured out how to redial on the logitech mobile!!!

    as most of you know if you hit the multifunction button the headset, it will wake up your treo and even disable the keyguard, which is something you may or may not like.

    well, press and hold down the + volume and it redials...
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    Hmm.. I read treocentral's review on the sony HBH-300. anyone have a picture of this with a jabra earjel? Which earjel do you use, and do you then still need the over the ear hook?

    I now don't really use the plantronics that much. I find myself wanting to use the logitech because of sound quality. I think the plantronics is not duplex. When I talk to someone who is in an environment with a lot of background noise, they can't hear me and say that I am cutting in and out. When I disconnect the headset and go to the handset, they say it sounds perfect.

    But the logitech is still a little bulky. It doesn't really fit in the pocket and still seems like it will break. Is the HBH-300 small enough to fit in your jean pocket? and anyone find a good price on it?
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