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    What device did you use before you got the Treo 650?

    I used the T3 with the Sony T610 Bluetooth phone and Logitech Bluetooth headset.
    My wife got the T610 to use with her Zire 72.
    I use T3 for testing and evaluations.

    What did you replace?
    What do you miss with other device?
    What do you like the best?

    I miss being able to intiate calls from the Bluetooth headset.
    I miss the ability to surf the web via Bluetooth on my PC's cable connection. I can use WiFile to connect to the PC but cannot get email or surf via Bluetooth connection to PC.

    I love having use one device. I don't miss the sliding screen thingy and surprizingly I don't miss the bigger screen.

    How about you?
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    I replaced a nextel i860 with the 650 which is my first pda so it's like a another world for me and i can't see going back to a regular phone...
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    Tungsten T3 paired w/ a Bluetooth Phone.

    Almost went for the Treo 600, but could not leave the "big screen" T3 for the 160by160 pixels of the Treo 600 screen.

    Treo 650 got me. Don't miss the T3 and I am never going back to two devices on my hip.
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    T5 with a Nokia cell phone... miss the screen size of the T5. OS is about the same... that is why I went with the T650.
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    Clie NX70V
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    Moto MPX220
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    Quote Originally Posted by godschoice
    What device did you use before you got the Treo 650?

    What did you replace?
    What do you miss with other device?
    What do you like the best?

    How about you?

    What device? How 'bout what devices, plural!

    Palm Tungsten T3 (which I loved) with calendar, contacts, medical resources
    Motorola cell phone
    Motorola two way messenging pager
    pen and paper pad for taking oncall patient call notes
    tinkering with replacing Rio Cali mp3 player, too

    Wish Treo 650 had more onboard memory, but I'm coping.
    -- Josh
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    I was using a LG VX8000 with Verizon before switching to a Cingular 650. Used with an old Compq iPAQ 3635 on the PDA side. After using the Treo, couldn't imagine going back!
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    Samsung I300---->Samsung I330---->Treo 600---->Treo 650. Everything was worth it, must say, I300/I330 had good memory, but the Treo's have some good stuff in it too......!
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    Nextel i860 for me too. My first PDA phone and so far I love the idea of it. As soon as I swap out this unit (HALRadio error) I am sure I will love the functionality of it. I did dig the cool sleek look of the i860 and direct connect is the bomb. later.
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    I replaced a Samsung P107 Phone. I also replaced an HP 4350 PPC, rated best of 2004 for PPC's. I took a leap of faith with the Treo, and I don't regret it!
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    Waited long for the Treo 650. Was using a Palm 505 for 2 years.
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    Clie TJ37 and a Nokia 6340i. I don't miss anything on the PDA side, but I miss the combined GSM/TDMA/AMPS (GAIT) capability of my Nokia, which meant it worked most anywhere I care to go. I still have it (and my Cingular GAIT calling area) so I can switch my SIM back into it when we head off the beaten track.

    Oh, and battery life. The Clie would go three to four days without a charge; the Nokia would last well over a week; the Treo is lucky to last a day.
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    I converged two devices into one. I replaced a Sharp Zaurus Linux pda (boy, am I gonna miss it) and a Nokia 6600 smart phone. I just didn't want to carry two devices around anymore.

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    Sony Clie TJ-27 and LG VX6000.

    Before that, a Clie S300, Visor Deluxe, Nokia 3630, and Ericsson something-or-other in various combinations.

    Don't have the 650 in my hands yet. Wednesday can't come soon enough.
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    Sprint Samsung i500 > Cingular Treo 650
    Still have regrets: can't beat the i500 form-factor, clam-shell, stability, and Sprint value and reliability (compared to Cingular).
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    This replaced my Nokia "something" (itsy bitsy tiny blue phone), MP3 Player, and my Dell Axim, although that was "replaced" when it was stolen. I actually only have a Treo 600 (drooling over the 650 but i'll see whats coming out next) and even without the wifi, bluetooth, and with the low res screen this is the best gadget i've ever bought. Hope Palm gets it 100% right with the 700 or whatevers next.
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    Blackberry 7100t, robust, stable, pics up background noise when on phone. I love the 650 but I would hate to have to support those over the Blackberrys at my firm. But it does everything.
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    Palm M515 and Moto V600 >>>Treo 650

    Miss the flawless Bluetooth Operations...especially with the Headsets!!!
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    Treo 300 > Treo 650. Could not wait for the 650. Passed on the 600 for the hi-rez screen on the 650. Long time Palm user. Vx > Clie'>Treo 300 > Treo 650. Best device I have ever used. It rocks!!!!
    Waiting for Palm Pre on AT&T then can replace my iPhone. Needs Doc To Go and Flash

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