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    What did you replace? Treo 300
    What do you miss with other device? General form factor with flip top (but I don't miss that ridiculous flimsy hinge)
    What do you like the best? True push email w/Chatter and the excellent display
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    My Treo 650 is my best gadget ever. It replaced my NX70v and LG phone. I was thinking about the Treo 600, but the 160x160 screen remineded me of my Visor Prism, which I left for a Clie T600. So for me going to a 160x160 was like going back to 2001. I've learned to live with the size of my Treo 650, but I can't wait for a double density or HR+ screen and support for EV-DO.

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    I went from a Visor Dlx Blue w/ stowaway keyboard and a Samsung uproar to the 600 I have now. However, as soon as I'm sure there are no more 600s in the pipelines, I'm going to cash in my Best Buy service plan (minorly flawed screen, VERY loud charger) and pray for a 650 in the mail!
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    replaced? Samsung (4yo) phone, Tungsten C

    missing? the old phone battery autonomy (when pristine); from the T-C: WiFi, speed, memory; usable AvantGo; the free-form note pad (like sketching);

    best? the T650 being all in one, mostly better keyboard than the T-C, better screen, better navigation (5-way thing) and keys/button layout, Bluetooth for point-to-point access and SallingClicker (google that);
    Also, no more "oops, got the PDA but the phone is in the car" nor "oops, got the phone but the PDA is at my desk", and much more... having more fun with this than the T-C.

    all in all, a good change, wish it had more memory, Wifi and a usable AvantGo

    some details...

    -email: the T-C did e-mail (and standard too, not tied to RIM back-ends) very well thanks to its quick WiFi, that is when WiFi was avaiable an when I would check myself. Now the T650

    - battery: I do a day easily within my digital (Sprint) network, not tried roaming yet nor spending any length of time away from a power plug (where the old phone would let me roam for days and keep ticking/ringing/listening), not sure if I would make 2 days and would definitively have to restrain.
    This said, the T650 has a removable battery (way to go Treo), and would power autonomy become and issue for me, I am fine with carrying an extra pack, perhaps higher amp-hour, such as sold elsewhere.

    - Bluetooth: better overall value than I thought, wireless headphone/mike is still worth the loss of sound quality (it is definitively poor, got a Jabra 250, YMMV). Here again, the gain (no wire) is worth more to me than the loss (but in this case not by much, my opinion might change once I get over the Jabra's price tag...). The overall value is that I can connect/sync thru BT to my home and office machines, and at home can control my media machine from the phone --neat!

    - keyboard: much better layout, that is there is a layout where the T-C had a regular array. The T650 is smaller and more cramped but well done so this is not an issue most of the time, actually not worse for me than my full-size computer keyboard...

    - sound: tiny but powerful speaker, does work for both the speakerphone and for playing back video content; the "mute" switch on the top is very very very very good, did I say "very good"? On the old phone I became good with the "unlock keyboard-menu-menu-menu-menu-soundOff-menu-menu-lock" routine, but rockign a switch readily available on the phone (even in its sleeve), would thought of that? somebody attending meetings?

    - WiFi: web surfing was usable on the T-C, on my T-650 it is bearable by necessity. Make no mistake, it does work, and anywhere the phone works too, so better gain than the loss.
    Man, I remembered dial-up as slow, but then web pages were also light-weight then, so on this guy surfing is over for me for now as it takes forever. Have not tried over bluetooth nor USB.

    - speed: overall it does *seem* faster (than the T-C) sometimes, but often it will pause for quite a while (see AvantGo below) when switching from one app to the other --annoying, a killer for AvantGo but jsut annoying otherwise.

    - memory: odd-ball in this otherwise winner. There is not enough of it, and when I got the new phone I already had to do a firmware update but the unit did not have enough builtin memory to do the update, from stock install... what the ...? Anyway, it is possible (just hard reset it...) but barely, the update did free up some though... and I got a 256MB card... still... but not a deal breaker.

    - AvantGo: if you're using that, well it's mostly worthless to me on the T650, basically because of speed (take about 60 secs to get into it, then it is its usual or slower); sad since being able to sync anywhere is nice, but then this syncing takes me almost 60 minutes (!!!!) forget syncing before going on the road... not to mention that I had several cycles of "sync/resync" by itself... sad, a definitive miss.

    - notepad: the T-C had that amazing free-form notepad, very handy on the go to jolt a note; no such thing in the T650, but there are 3rd-party offers (come to think of it, maybe one of them is name jolt...)
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    Dell X5, then iPaq 1940 with SE T610 connected through BT with this wonderful Treo. Very pleased overall and wouldn't go back.

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    I had an iPAQ 2210 and a Moto MPx200 before I got the Treo 650 2 months ago. I loved both devices, but I the Treo is the perfect all in one device for me.
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    Samsung i330
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    Started with a 6035 then a 7135 and finally a Treo 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxy
    Sprint Samsung i500 > Cingular Treo 650
    Still have regrets: can't beat the i500 form-factor, clam-shell, stability, and Sprint value and reliability (compared to Cingular).

    Exactly the same for me. Cingular scares me and the stability of the I500 is sorely missed.
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    I plan on replacing my Sidekick ll with a Treo 650.
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    My Treo 650 replaced my Treo 600, BB7100r, Nokia6620, Tungsten T3, Clie UX50...and is keeping my Ipod at my bedside (attached to a portable speaker).
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    I had the Motorola brick phone. I used to carry a boom box and an adding machine. I had a small desk top that I would use in my car, but it used up too much battery. Than I got the 650 and I got my job back, got my wife back, I found my dog and life was great!
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    I replaced an HTC 6601. That thing was awful. I decided that even with the sound problems, the 650 was better. After the sound patch and NVFS update were released, there wasn't even a comparison.
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    What did you replace?
    What do you miss with other device?
    Software Reliability
    What do you like the best?
    T650 Screen Quality & Bluetooth
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    I had my Palm IIIc for the last 5 years and the Treo 650 is my first ever mobile phone!
    I miss the cradle that came FREE with the IIIc......
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