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    KYO 7135.

    Miss: Protected screen via clamshell, top LCD, voice recorder built into memo app, easier to dial numbers, more comfortable at the ear.

    But on the positive side there's almost too many superlatives to mention for the T650. Screen of course, keyboard, better phone/palm integration, one-handed operation with the 5-way, better MP3 playing capabilities, camera, SPEED, better selection of software that's only available for OS 5 these day, and on and on...
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    (Am I the only one w/ a Tungsten C?)

    My Treo 650 replaced my Tungsten C (never really used the WiFi except for syncing, loved the keyboard and the 54MB of internal RAM though), Motorola V300 (had crappy battery life and the stupid ear speaker broke on me...could only use it in speakerphone mode)
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    Tungsten T3 + Verizon LG 4400 -> Verizon Treo 650
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    Junky cell phone +Treo 90 >Treo300 >Treo 600 >Treo 650

    I'm stunned by the responses. I thought most people upgraded from their 600.
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    A Treo 600.....for free!

    Here's the process....

    Treo 300(via ebay) > Treo 600(via LockLine) > Treo 650(courtesy of Sprint b/c I got 2 bogus refurbs). All within 45 days!

    What does all this mean you ask?.......It means I only paid $114.00 for a TREO 650!!! Thanks for all of your past horror stories.It helped me a lot!

    Patience is a virtue...Wooohoo!

    Ain't Life Grand?
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    Sweet Chi-Town Music!

    300 > 600 > 650


    TREO 650

    Alternate Phone- Motorola Razr V3 (silver)
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    m515 > kyo6035 > kyo7135 > treo600 > treo650

    missing? the clam was nice for protection but a good case solves that....missing the bogging down and lack of power and memory... NOT!!!
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    Sony Ericsson T610 and an m505... I don't miss the m505 (it had the hotsync "static" issue) but I actually do miss the reliability of my T610. It's alarm never failed me due to a system reset. And the Bluetooth functionality actually seemed to work better than my Treo 650. There wasn't enough memory for SMSs, but there was good software out there to archive them to the PC.

    I keep the T610 around still and use it for the times when I need a smaller phone.
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    Treo 600
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    hehe... It was the shiznit when it first came out. Great little phone.

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    Had Samsung i500, sold on Ebay for 232, got 150 mail in from Sprint, and 50 mail in from CompUSA. Grand Total for Sprint Treo 650: $212.24 including tax. I got this a few weeks after they came out in December. A few gripes along the way but I love it now.
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    Sold my Audiovox SMT5600 on eBay, then sold my HP iPaq hx4700 on eBay...

    I love my Treo650! Ended up breaking even on the deal, made money on my SMT5600, lost a little on my hx4700. Overall, came out ahead compared to what the Treo650 cost me. If it had only come out 3 months sooner....
    Siemens S46 -> Siemens S56 -> Motorola MPx200 -> Moto v600 -> Audiovox SMT5600 -> Treo 650 -> Motorola Q (14 days) -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700w -> Treo 750
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    Visor Neo & SE T68i --> Visor Prism w/ VisorPhone --> Treo 270 --> Tungsten T3 & SE T616 --> Dell Axim & Moto V600 --> Moto MPx200 --> Blackberry ???? --> Audiovox PPC4100 --> Treo 600 --> Treo 650

    It's been quite a ride, but I have been really happy with the T600/650. They are, by far, the best converged devices.
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    I also previously had a Tungsten C, mainly for all the hype about wi-fi connection to the internet. Let me tell you, in the San Francisco area, wi-fi is nearly impossible to get when you want it, or where you want it. When I first got my Tunsten C a couple years ago, I walked into Starbucks and asked for my usual Venti coffee, with a serving of wi-fi on the side. It turns out that I had to sign up for a costly T-Mobile subscription ($30+/monthly) to obtain wi-fi at Starbucks--screw that!

    My next attempt at a wi-fi connection was at McDonalds. The cashiers scratched their heads at the mention of wi-fi, and a few minutes later gave me a coupon with a promotional password code to access their wi-fi connection. I tried, and tried, and tried for 20 minutes, but failed. The only thing I could log onto was the homepage for McDonalds. Actually, the same thing happened at Starbucks too...could only get their homepage.

    I've tried many other places for a wi-fi connection, and it would be a hit or miss. The first time I actually got a wi-fi connection, I almost fell over on my chair! I said WOW! So this is wi-fi, finally!! Yes, it actually worked well...the few times I could actually get an unprotected wi-fi connection. But for the most part, wi-fi is a joke, because like I said before, I can almost never find wi-fi when I want it, or where I want it.

    Nowadays, there are a scattering of small independent coffee shops here and there that offer wi-fi connection, for the simple cost of a cup of coffee. But this is nothing compared to what I had hope that wi-fi would provide, given all the hype about it. I initially thought that wi-fi would be provided free in every square mile of my city limits...boy was that wishful thinking!!

    So now that I have the Treo 650, one of my favorite sayings is "I don't need no stinkin' wi-fi !!". My Sprint connection can now log me onto the internet wherever I need it, and when I need it, 24 hours a day. Now that I have PdaNet installed, I can even get my laptop computer to gain internet connection too! Toooo cool!!
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    I replaced a Toshiba E750 PPC and an old Sanyo Sprint Phone. I still have the Toshiba and probably will give it away to some family member, it was a nice product but I was ready for a little convergence. My wife still uses my old Palm M515. I keep flip flopping between Palm and history went like this;

    Palm Pilot Pro, Casio E100, Palm M505, Palm M515, Sony Clie NX80V, Toshiba E750, Treo 650
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    sanyo vm 5500
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    My Treo 650 replaced a (only several month old) Palm T5.

    I do miss the BIG screen, and gobs of memory. It was a nice friend. I still visit it from time to time when I see my wife (she needed a PDA upgrade... I generously gave her mine, which meant I had to buy something new!).

    But, I was becoming frustrated ALWAYS having to have two devices with me. The phone is a must - work calls all the time, and (with five teenagers - 2nd marriage) people contact me on my mobile more than on my home phone. And, the Palm just had way too much information that I was constantly ref. to not to have it nearby.

    Hence, the Treo. One week now (on Verizon). I pulled an all nighter and did a "hot cut" from the T5 to the Treo.

    I've been lurking here for a couple of months, so pretty much knew what to do and not do. The little guy has been been rock solid (hmmm, pardon the inuendo) for a week now.

    No complaints, just trying to decide between the indestructible but unflattering Innopocket hard case and a cool looking leather one. But, that's a matter for another forum....
    Palm Vx => M505 => M515 => T =>T3 =>T5 =>Treo 650 => Treo 700P (Verizon)
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    Palm Tungsten C and S/E T610

    My Treo 650 arrives to Iceland in two day´s
    CASIO SF-7900 > Palm III > PalmVX > Palm m505 > Palm Tungsten C > Treo 650
    SD cards. 8Mb - 64Mb - 128Mb - 256Mb and 1Gb
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    Quote Originally Posted by seaflipper
    Sold my Audiovox SMT5600 on eBay
    I keep thinking about getting the SMT5600 to fool around with and compare. How's the stability?
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    I switched from a BlackBerry 7100t.

    I was pretty shocked to read a few posts on these forums from people who had switched FROM the Treo650 to the BB7100t. Unless for some financial reason you had to sell your Treo 650 and buy a cheaper product I have no clue as to why someone would make that switch. Its like trading in your Hummer for a Rav4.
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    maybe the biggest jump, from kyo 6035. gee... color!
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