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    a Sony Clie SJ-20...
    I'm not weird... I'm gifted!!!
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    Blackberry 7280.
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    I had a sanyo scp 4900 -- early vision phone. I thought it would browse the web, so I could check stocks, scores, weather, etc. But it was so slow I couldn't stand it. I ending up only using it for a phone and an occasional alarm clock. It had good battery life and great range, so it was sufficiant.

    My trusty PDA has been a handspring visor (using for about 5 years now), Not the prisim, not the deluxe, the 2AAA battery visor. It croaked on me last week, the screen would no longer accept taps -- I took at as a divine sign, of course.

    As you can imagine, the 650 has been something of a shock what with the... new-fangled color screen and all (to say the least).
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    What did you replace? Blackberry 7510
    What do you miss with other device? The keyboard
    What do you like the best? The multimedia capabilities
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    Tungsten T2 and Sony Ericsson T630.
    Miss the function in contacts where you could find contacts by company name, and the find function in contacts in the 5-way navigator
    Miss connecting to the internet with grps (can only use DUN with the Treo 650)
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    I bought my Sony Clie TH-55 last spring after a wait...and I love that PDA to pieces. It is, hands down, the best of the best. Then the Treo 650 made its way into my life on Saturday and I am already considering parting ways with the Clie. It would sadden me greatly, because I adore my Clie to no end...huge hi-res+ screen, incredible battery life, wi-fi...but with the 650, internet connections are actually faster with 1XRTT than my Clie was with WiFi, and I can access the web from anywhere I am! I know the coverage isn't universal, but for where I go 99.99999% of the time, I am totally covered. The Clie had a little more usable memory, but I have every app I need on the 650 with 9 MB to spare. I would prefer 15 MB free like on the Clie, but there you have it. Handmark Express 411 and Maps are fantastic...I tried the other Express apps and found better options online (the mobile NOAA site and Weather Underground, Bloglines mobile site), but 411 and Maps are just perfect. I will be subscribing to them. The new Docs to Go is gorgeous. I have Launcher X on it, and it has been my favorite launcher for three years now. I simply reformatted my computer's C: drive, reinstalled everything and set up a fresh partnership with my Treo, keeping the same name I had used for the Clie and the several Palm devices before that. Then I used the same serial numbers to install my software. I have not had to buy any new software as a result. Then again, my Clie will be reset to factory specs and sold within the month. I hate to part with it, but the Treo 650 will reign supreme for the foreseeable future.

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    What did you replace? 7135
    What do you miss with other device? Clamshell form factor/ LCD caller ID
    What do you like the best? Keyboard, better palm software, better screen, camera

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    Treo 180
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    Vx + Nokia 3210>Treo 600

    Anybody want to buy my Vx?
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    Sony Clie UX50 & Samsung cell phone > Sprint Treo 650

    The Clie was in a league all its own... great screen, clamshell/flip design, great kbd, voice recorder, memory stick access, wireless/bluetooth, and cost a fortune back then.

    I can't see going back to the Clie considering the wonderful features of the 650. I don't regret the change at all!
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    I went from the Treo 600 > Blackberry 7230 > 7730 > Treo 650.

    The only thing I miss from the Blackberry is the incredible stability of those things. For what they are intended - email - they're outstanding. Problem is if you want any added storage, a camera, or decent web browsing you can't have it on the Blackberry platform. Sure, they have some storage capacity, but it's a paltry 32 MB at best, and that is shared with the OS. Yeah, they do web browsing, but it's slow and cumbersome. And while the available software for the Blackberry is growing fast, there is still no comparison to Palm-based software, and probably won't be for years.
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    Palm Vx. No complaints, but don't miss it all. My 650 is FANTASTIC!
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    Nokia 9500 and Sony T650!
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    SonyEricsson P800, well I will have done when the thing arrives, it's due on Thursday!
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    Kyocera 7135. Don't miss the low res screen or fatal exceptions or SLOW performance. Exterior caller ID window was useful however. I wouldn't go back, not at all.
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    treo 600, which replaced a Clie T665, which replaced a (broken) T615, which replaced a Palm IIIx.
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    Ipaq + Sidekick

    I loved the Ipaq, hated the sidekick.
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    I replaced a Palm Vx, an old blue Nokia, and a cheap MP3 player. I miss the simplicity and durability of the Nokia, but not enough to outweigh everything I've gained!
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    Kyocera 6035.
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    Tungsten T and Nokia 6200.

    I miss the small size of the 6200 but that's about it.
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