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    That's true - Marc added POP3 support a couple of months ago. However, I don't think there's any way to do "push" email with the POP protocol as the IDEL command is intrinsic to IMAP.
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    Quicksync is not the same as "push". Quicksync is a polling mechanism and will retreive mail whenver the "sync" interval expires (in your case 1 minute). IMAP "push" email actually maintains an open TCP/IP connection to the email server and issues an IDLE command to put the connection to sleep. When an email arrives at the email server, it then turns around (usually in a matter of seconds) a mail has arrived notification to the client, which in turn then downloads the email. With "push" there is no sync interval.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodGuy
    I beg to differ. One of the biggest advantages the Treo has over Blackberry is the ability to use industry standard SD cards for expansion as well as run apps from the card. The fact that Palm decided to give the 650 only 32MB of memory is something Good had nothing to do with. However, there are literally 1000's and 1000's of Treo users, both on 600's and 650's that are running GoodLink with no memory issues. The patch is not going to increase the memory of the device. It will handle some of the addressing issues, but not going to be a huge change. Blackberry is a very nice email device. Period. A Treo with GoodLink gives you the same, in some cases better, functionality as Blackberry, with so many more features, i.e, better screen, more 3rd party apps, touch screen (personal choice, but a choice you DON'T have with BB), and so much more.
    I'm one of those happy Treo 650 Goodlink users. DataViz has a tool on their website that moves Docs to Go to the SD card. After doing that I have 10MB free on the Treo and that's with thousands of email messages and hundreds of contacts.

    The touch screen on the treo makes a big difference when it comes to the learning curve, especially for people who are coming from a regular PDA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hagakure
    In short, enjoy your BB, but understand that they are a sinking ship. I haven't even talked about BES server license costs either. Many apps/companies do push email better and that's about all that BB can hang their hat on.
    Great point Hagakure!!! Exactly what my company is currently going through. We were testing BB's for a small group of users (expensive license for each small group) and all the Exec's using them were strutting their stuff and sending the emails "sent from my BB wireless device".

    Since I was not one of the "chosen" (since I work from a remote office) I took it upon myself and got a Treo650, set it up with Cingular Expressmail, (accesses Exchange and VPN) and was able to do Everything that the other Execs were doing, with no license cost, and my IT guys did not have to do anything. Bottom line, I have a better device, my company saves money, and now we are setting up all the Execs with Treos, and I ended up getting some points with the Company (and reimbursed for my Treo)!!!

    BTW, when I send an email, it looks like a regular email, without the BB spam message at the bottom of every email!!!
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    Hofo mofo: when you set qsync to every minute...have you noticed if you have missed more calls? Thanks.
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