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    I started this thread awhile ago in the software section and havent really gotten an answer. Im looking for an app that i can have a background in the standard launcher. They said that there have been these before but nothing for the Treo 650. Does anyone have any ideas and if theres any people out there who can write the app contact me.
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    there are tons of backgrounds for the phone view, and also for the agenda view in the calendar. I almost never use the full blown app launcher, since I think the phone view (with favorites) and the Agenda view work much better....
    but hey - to each his own....
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    right, and i use them all the time. I love skinner for my phone side with the mac osx themes, but im talking for the launcher.
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    If you use the launcher "all the time," then surely you want a new launcher? ZLauncher let's you set background images, icons, and about a billion other things.
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    i do use the launcher all the time, but for some reason i just dont like any off the launchers out there. all i want to is add a pic.
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    Bumping this because I want to know too.
    I don't really want a new launcher, just a hack to set the background/wallpaper for the regular launcher.

    Surely somebody has done this?
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    I haven't seen anything like that. The only launchers I've seen with a bacground have been 3rd party ones. If someone figures out a way to do this that does not require a ROM rebuild, I'd be interested, but I can live with the wallpaper in my daily calendar (on my other Palm device, that is not even possible!).
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    As stated above, if you want a back ground, you must use a third party launcher. Ben
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    You can use a personal photo/image as background/wallpaper for the phone app only. Choose Options/General Prefs/Show Wallpaper, then choose your pic.

    For the PDA launcher, you need to use a 3rd party launcher (like zLauncher, LauncherX, etc.)

    This question has been asked a lot in a lot of Treo forums and no one has created a hack for it. Or if they have, they've never posted it.
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    The Lifedrive and T|X have backgrounds in the standard launcher. Maybe there's a possibility there?
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