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    Is there a utility to override the 3 minute time limit to keeping the screen on? I know tomtom keeps my screen on continuously and overrides this built in treo feature, so I know it's possible. I'd like to keep the screen on when I'm golfing and using starcaddy.
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    In the Power preferences, disable this feature.

    It's in the manual....

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    Hey Tom,

    In my preferences, under "Power" I get "Auto-off after:" and my choices in the drop down menu are "30 seconds", "1 minute", "2 minutes", and "3 minutes".

    Am I in the wrong place?
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    Try AlwaysOn at
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    try autooff extender. It's free & it works on the 650
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    Huh, no, that's me being stupid. I must have been remembering the Sony TG-50 that I had, and not the Treo. Sorry about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder204
    try autooff extender. It's free & it works on the 650
    Where can I get autooff??
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    Or just wait for it to freeze up. It'll stay on forever...
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    Just downloaded "Always On". Works like a charm! Thanks!

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    If you want real control over this option, then try ProfileCare. In this application I allow you to adjust the auto-off time to as much as 15 minutes or as little as 15 seconds. Also, you can vary this timeout within a profile. So your timeout can very based on the time of day. Also, I added the option to allow the Treo to stay on perminantly as long as it was plugged into an external power source. This too is configurable within a profile.



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