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    I've given my Treo 600 to my wife when I received my Treo 650. I am away from home now and my wife had an unusual problem on Treo 600 all of a sudden.
    She says; the touchscreeen is losing calibration. When she re-calibrates screen it goes for some time (until the screen is closed)
    but then the problem appears again.

    She has a few 3rd party apps on Treo 600 but that app config has not been changed for many months now.
    She says she didn't drop the Treo, but this problem appeared all of a sudden.

    Any ideas to find the problem and solve it ?
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    the screen seems to respond very slowly and sometimes does not respond at all.
    no one ever has seen this problem before ?
    please help me
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    Sometimes there is a buildup of gunk (dust...) under the edges of the case around the screen. Take a small piece of paper and slide the edge of it all around the screen, pushing it under the case to "scrape" out any buildup. I would not force anything under there, but firm paper, thin plastic (edge of screen protector) shoud work.
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    Sometimes the screen protector is the problem.
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    Thanks for your replies. The screen is cleaned but the problem exists.
    The screen protector is there for a long time (3-4 months) , should I tell her to remove it and try again?
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    Mine is sometimes responsive and sometimes not. I can't find a pattern. When the screen isn't sensitive, the center button works.

    (I got my reconditioned phone yesterday as a replacement for a broken 300. The battery wouldn't hold a charge, and the Sprint store replaced it with a machine with several quirks.)

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