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    Remember with the Treo 600 how you could press the Phone button and just start typing the contact. Well in a stroke of genius Orange Uk have decided to rewrite the Phone Application and have removed this option.

    There used to be two options on the 600:

    * Typing dials phone number
    * Typing starts contact search

    These used to be in Display preferences and are now in a category called General preferences on most Treo 650s.

    Well wonderful Orange Uk have decided to change the main Phone screen and remove the General Prefs category. They have also made favourites very difficult to access.

    Is there anyway of installing the Phone application from an unlocked GSM treo on an Orange UK treo so that I get a decent phone again? I have looked at the shadowmite site and I guess it might be possible to flash the ROM in some way but frankly I'm scared of ROM flashing a GSM phone at this point.

    A further problem might be assigning the Phone button as it no longer seems configurable. But I guess apps like Take phone must get round this.

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