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    Any chess recommendations.
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    I'm also gonna watch. Lookin for one that can teach chess.
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    I like Chess Tiger.
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    ok here's the breakdown. i've had 'em all....ramchess,chessdix.,chessgenius,9.95 chess and chesstiger,and out of all these chess tiger was difenitely the strongest and it has the best teach mode out of all the above listed..........until I came across a chess program called "hiarchs",which is by far the best palm os chess program out there now!! check it out at,this site has a great layout with all the features, tests, ratings etc. that you'll need.i played it against all the other programs listed above and it won everytime.....i also played it against chessmaster9000 (on strongest elo 2800)on my computer and here's my overall results:17 wins, 22 draws and 15 losses!! no other chess program I have has even beat chessmaster9000 once, and this program has a hash table that can hold up 4-6MB of info....which means it'll get stronger the more you play and those numbers will be more in favor of hiarchs over chessmaster after a few more games. if you also want an online chess server app then I recommend "chesseverywhere"(@ which let's you play 24-7 on two of the most popular and,this app really comes in handy when I want some fresh comp. while working 3rd shift....check 'em out!!!!
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    I fialed to mention two things :1. with pxa clocker you get better results because the comp. can go through more moves in the same amount of time. so for instance at the normal 344mhz of the treo650(which is actually about 260-290mhz depending what's on your phone) hiarchs might be able to anylize about 100,000 moves in about 10-25secs,with the phone clocked(mine's at 468mhz) 100,000 moves might take about 7-15secs thus making the game stronger. 2. it took me about three days of building the hash tables(15-20 games) before I beat chessmaster....those numbers I gave was after hiarchs first win......later!!
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    What is the link for Hiarchs?

    I found Hiarcs for Windows:
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    I use openchess its free
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    Quote Originally Posted by deanfx
    I use openchess its free
    yup, me too.
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    i'm sorry I spelled it wrong' it's "hiarcs" not "hiarchs" bad,it was early in the morning,i was half-asleep!! the actual website for the mobile version is, you'll find it there...!!
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    Cool, with Palm, Mac and Windows versions. Thanks for the LINK!

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