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    Just got my 650 today and went through the activation process with Orange UK. Phone seems to work ok for a while (1 to 5 mins) then it disconnects from the Network and I get a "GSM disabled" message on the phone front page. It will stay in a call for quite a time (at least it did while I was sitting in the Orange Tech Support queue for 20 mins) but disconnects again when idle. Orange have no ideas... I tried all the usual stuff: hard reset, battery out, disabled network time, BT on, BT off etc.

    Anyone any ideas or fixes?

    Thanks, John
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    Shim your sim with a piece of paper ? Look for threads here titled "Phone turns off" and you will find lots of folks that have fixed their problems by shimming the sim card.

    Heres a link to get ya started...



    SprintPCS 650 since Nov 2004
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    Thanks Xathros. I'd searched the site but didn't find anything that seemed to solve the problem I was seeing. I've packed out the sim with an cut-up business card... fingers crossed.

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    That's done it... more than 45mins now and going strong. Thanks
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    Glad I could help.


    SprintPCS 650 since Nov 2004

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