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    So after the LONG wait, I finally got my cradle from Amazon. I've experienced 2 main problems:

    1. The Hotsync button does not always seem to work (maybe it has more to do with the connector)--if I press the T650 hard into the cradle, it will work. But the charging indicator light coming on does not necessarily mean that the Hotsync connection is valid.

    2. Once I get the T650 in firmly enough, I will then experience spontaneous Hotsyncing (kind of like it was before the SPCS ROM update).

    Are others experiencing these problems (particularly #2) or do I have a defective unit?
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    I am experiencing the same issues... So far my only conclusion is the cradle (in general) is a piece of garbage.
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    I was able to hotysnc with my cradle for several weeks; it has since quit on me. If I pull out the cable and plug it directly into my T650, I can hotsync without any problem. That really doesn't bother me that much because I mainly wanted the cradle to keep my other battery charged.
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    Same problems as me Bill.

    I use the Cradle to keep the spare battery charged and not to hotsync.
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    I feel the same re: mainly wanting it for battery charging. HOWEVER: It is still a substandard product, rolled out by Palm. I paid enough money for this piece of junk that it should JUST WORK.

    On another note, I just called palm and told them how big a piece of junk this thing is. They are sending me another one, but I have absolutely no hope of taht solving the problem.

    Call them, make them replace it. If they don't feel the pain of releasing this garbage to the market, they will just continue to do so.
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    I have the same issues with both of my cradles. It seems the universal connector between the cable and the cradle is 50% of the problem with the other 50% being the connection between the cradle and the Treo. I modded one of my cradles to eliminate the cable->cradle connectors and that one has been much better but I still have problems with Cradle->Treo connection. If it doesn't work - remove and reseat treo and it will work (for me at least). What a joke. Worst connector I've ever had to deal with.


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    same here with two cradles. pos!

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