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    I see too many posts about this, I just took the end of a business card, ripped it off and stuck it in there, not folder or anything, badda boom...

    hope this helps...

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    guess no one cares =-(

    lol, thought I'd give it one more shot. so proud of my pics!

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    OFF Topic, FYI, if you are not listed in Google, you are probably in the Google "Sandbox", which means either your site has changed drastically, or is less than 6 months old. It usually takes about 6 months to get out of the sandbox. It's great that google keeps spam sites or temporary sites out this way.

    For newly created sites, use Yahoo, but you'll get much more spam sites too.. Also make sure you have submitted your site if you want it on google, so the 6 months can begin. Links to your site help too..

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