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    I tried hooking up an fm modulator to the treo and it was not working too well. I got a 2.5 to 3.5 adaptor and hooked the modulator to the adaptor. 1/2 the time voice dial would come on for no reason when I would plug it in. If a phone call came in while I was listening to music, it would go into a reset loop. Has anyone been successful with a modulator? Is there a difference in the modulator designed for the Treo?
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    Why dont you try the the Jack that plugs into the headset part and comes out to rca's and plug it into the back of it for Aux 2 or 1 just make them long enough to hang under the driver seat...
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    I'm confused. What jack are you talking about? I'm talking about a normal fm modulator that has a 3.5" plug. I used an adaptor that goes from the 2.5" headset jack on the bottom of the treo to make it work for 3.5" headset, etc. I then plugged a standard fm modulator into the adapter. Now I'm really confused! Am I making this more complicated than it needs to be?

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