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    I'm not sure if anyone has posted this yet (didn't find any thru the search), but i wanted to share this old technology with everyone. Theres a site called imforwards, where you can set up a free account. It will log into your AIM while you are not signed on and you can have an away icon or no icon set next to your sn. All your IMs will be fwd to your phone through sms, where you can then reply back. You can also fwd your IMs to an email where you can also reply back. I find this much better then the one that is built into AIM itself. check it out for yourself.
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    this is free, so the price is right. I am happy with Verichat, even though it is $25/year.
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    Good find, I'm sick of verichat crashing!
    Thanks again!
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    One limiting restriction about this is that there is no buddy list for you to view. You will not be able to tell who is online or not, except with some guessing. But people on aim can see you and can initiate an IM conversation with you.

    To initiate a conversation, you can do some guesswork and simply send an IM to your buddies by sending an message to say... '', and that will automatically send it to, who then fwds it to your buddy JohnDo007, IF he is online. Still...its free and it works just like sms essentially, w/o the 3rd party app.

    If you think AIM's IM fwding is better, its not. I don't believe that you can respond back to your IMs, rather, it comes in as a message from aol aim system or something.
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    It's a 30day trial & $2.99 /mo thereafter
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    There are free apps for all 3 major IM providers available on

    There is AIM for AOL, Treo messenger for Yahoo, and CCLite for MSN.

    There is also another free program called Agile messenger that supposedly does all 3 plus IRC, but I could only get it to work with Yahoo. There is also a free IRC program there. I've tried all 5 and use the first 3 all the time and as I mentioned they are all FREE... gotta love it.
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    AOL IM, Yahoo messenger, and MSN messenger all already have SMS forwarding built in for free.
    With MSN and AOL, as soon as you log out all IMs to you auto forward to SMS, and with Yahoo there is a 'log in to mobile' which logs you off and forwards all to SMS.
    That is once you set this up with each respective IM service.
    I have used AOL and Yahoo this way for a year and it works great.
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