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    Hello All,

    I am using a newly downloaded LEDOff on a Sprint Treo 650 and it doesn’t appear to work correctly.

    I would like the led to flash for new voice mails and it doesn’t.

    This is how I have if configured:

    CHECKED – Enable
    NOT CHECKED – Signal, Out of Coverage, In Coverage
    CHECKED – Alert, Generic Alert, Datebook Alarm, Voicemail Waiting

    NOT CHECKED – Incoming Mail, Incoming SMS
    CHECKED – Battery, Charging, Fully Charged

    NOT CHECKED – Topping Off

    Now it does not flash all the time like before and does light up when charging and full charged. The problem lies in the voice mail waiting flashing, which is the only real useful aspect for the LED… I feel.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Mine has never worked either. I use Butler to turn the LED on when there's a voicemail. The two work very well together. I still get the charging lights and also get the voicemail indicator.
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    I have the same problem with this program....LED not flashing when message (SMS/Email/Voicemail) arrives.
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    Ok, this is the deal with Ledoff (I know this might sound strange at first), apparently it doesn't actually work in the proactive sense. In other words, if you have one of the boxes checked, it doesn't actually cause the alert to happen (for instance when you get a new voicemail). Instead, what it does is it allows the alerts to occur if another program etc alerts you to those things. I'm guessing that ledoff was meant to be used in conjunction with others programs that actually issue the alerts.

    The one area that I really use ledoff for is in conjunction with chatter-email. The combination of butler and ledoff allows me to get all my alerts from chatter (and vm, sms etc) without resetting the led to start flashing green after the alert has been answered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paulsjmail
    <snip>without resetting the led to start flashing green after the alert has been answered.
    This sounds like the problem I have with Butler. I CONSTANTLY have to reset the LED since it doesn't always recognize on it's own that I have checked whatever it is that the alert was for.

    It also has caused several lock-ups. It still doesn't seem to be solid and stable on the 650. This is why I haven't registered yet and why I may delete it once again (first time was during the whole hot-sync reset stuff.)
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    Same problem here. I switched to Butler.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qwab1967
    Same problem here. I switched to Butler.
    Butler alone can't do everything that LEDOff does. You need to use the two of them together.

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