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    Has anyone tried this on their treo?
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    What the phone offers is great in concept, but the only problem is that the phone is not compatible with the treo 650 because of its 'long sync time', as stated in an email by one of their customer service bots. I can pair my treo with the base station 1 of out 10 times, and have even carried a conversation for roughly 5 minutes. Other than that, the phone works flawlessly with my Motorola HS850 and Treo Bluetooth headsets.
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    That's a really cool device! I saw this at Circuit City the other day and it's very slick indeed. To bad its not compatbile with the 650 though. I was hoping the replace the aging 5.8 Ghz Vtech phones we have with one of these...
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    Are there other devices like this that might work with the 650? I could swear I saw a thread here about a month ago about a few other similar products, but I can't find it no matter what terms I search on.



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