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    Everytime i try to send a message with chatter mail i get an error message!

    Sending Error:
    550-rejected because 205.54.**.** is in a black list at 550 Blocked - see**.**

    I sure as hell am not a spammer and i send out about 4 - 20 emails a day.

    Does anyone know the cause of this or how i can fix it?

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    This has nothing to do with Chatter, of course. Who is your SMTP provider - that's what's being complained about...

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    thx for the quick reply marc. I use a private domain name through an online web hosting company my knowledge is very limited in this area... Is it my i.p that is being blocked or?
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    If you point a webbrowser at, you can enter the ip address and you will get a longer report.

    This happens to ISPs when they dont have their email servers properly secured against some of the tricks that spammers use to "bounce" mail around.

    You'll probably have to communicate with your email/isp provider and explain that they've gotten themselves blacklisted. Hopefully they'll respond quickly, fix their email software and get themselved off the blacklist.

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