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    I know I can read what missing sync does but I have used PocketMac in the past and found it to offer a lot but actually just screw up your valuable data alot.

    Now using Tiger and waiting for my 650 to arrive and just wondered what I'm missing out of the tin only using the Palm Conduit and ISync.

    Thanks for your valueable input

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    Missing Sync also allows the Treo to show up on the desk top. That way you can drag and drop files directly to it. I use a media card reader so I don't need the missing sync.

    Pro's: Can move files easily and quickly to your palm without any extra hardware. faster then Hotsync for large files.

    Con's: Not as versatile as a Media reader, which can (depending on the model) read different formats. I have the Clie and the Treo, the reader allows me to transfer files to and from the sd card and memory stick. With the Missing sync, I'd need to purchase it once for the Clie and once for the Treo...
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    What about the addresses? Or am I just doing it wrong. I lose the category field when I sync with Addresses...Is there a better way?
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    I also dig the iPhoto and iTunes support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jnrjr79
    I also dig the iPhoto and iTunes support.
    definitely the clincher for me as well. its awesome to have your mem card show up in the itunes window and just drag whatever you want onto it and let it do all the work.
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    My question is how does Missing Sync work with Pocket Quicken and Docs to Go? And how well does it work with Entourage?
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    I dig it, iTunes and iPhoto support rocks. iSync, Docs to go, and other conduits will all jump into play during a sync with Missing Sync and act normally. Also MS works with Avantgo, for those who care.
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    My memory card doesn't show up in itunes and treo definately doesn't show up on the desktop. Do I need to change something in the preferences???

    Update: Doh I didn't realise to get the SD card to mount that you had to click missing sync icon on treo - had wondered what that was for
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    yeah and occasionally you may have to log out and log back in, or restart, or sometimes just relaunch the finder. especially if you're plugged into the usb2.0 port. other than that, missing sync is great.
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    Does it preserve iCal categories/groups?
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    It doesn't support categories for memos. Not sure about iCal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanuman
    Missing Sync...
    Just wanted to say thanks for bringing back the Smurfs!

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    My favorite feature is the ability to build "sets" of conduits. I have one called Install that just loads the install conduit. I install beta apps from my developer a bunch. This saves a ton of time vs waiting for all my conduits to run just so I can get an app installed.

    I have another called "Entourage" that just runs the Entourage conduits to sync my address book.

    Another called "Backup" that.... well duh.

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