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    I'm just about to get my GSM T650 on Orange in the UK, and there's about 500 threads on here, talking about a multitude of crashes, bugs and strange glitches, as well as miscellaneous fixes for some/all of the above.

    Can I try and cut through some of the "white noise on here" - what do I need to know to get myself up and running on day 1 and all my data off my 600 and onto my 650.

    I'm not particularly a power-user (I use the Palm desktop as my PC calendar and keep Outlook solely for work stuff - so no Outlook hotsync) and I have minimal extra apps but use PdaNet on an almost hourly basis.

    So this is virtually a vanilla Treo, but are there any "gotchas" that I really must know about before I upgrade, or do I just need to do what the manual says?
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    and do NOT restore a backup from treo 600

    do a fresh install one-by-one
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    I believe PalmOne (in the box) or on their website have the detailed instructions on how to upgrade from a 600 to a 650.

    But if they say you can do a regular restore from you 600 "backup" folder: DON'T

    Give your 650 a new user id and start fresh, as stated in the above post.

    How to get your PIM (calander, appointments, memos, tasks) data to the new 650? If the Palm instructions do not provide an avenue -- I used a backdoor method -- I just beamed my contacts, appointments and memos "en mass" from my T3 to my 650. (Beam by category, selecting all, meaning all categories.)

    Good Luck!!
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