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    with other devices that you may need to use them in such as an MP3 player with a SD memory slot?

    I am considering buying a 1gig MP3 player which does have an SD memory slot, but I was not sure if the 1 gig SD card I use with my treo would also work on the MP3 device without having to reformat it. I'd like to interchange music on both devices. I do not feel comfortable exercising with my Treo. Just too expensive to replace if it should drop.

    Anybody else do this without any problems (mp3 player, camera etc.)?
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    Palm requires for the SD Card to be formatted as a FAT file system, which is the same as most (if not all) other devices such as MP3 players, cameras, etc.

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    thank you very much for that info.
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    it should work just fine. The treo just creates its own directory structure as soon as you insert the card.


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