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    I've tried a bunch of different voice recording apps and haven't got decent recording quality with any of them:

    voice memo (beamed from my T2)

    With all of these I get really nasty sibilance (super staticky "s" sounds) and awful skipping when recording to my Kingmax Platinum 1 GB SD card (whereas I was very happy with the quality that I got recording direct to the same exact SD card with the stock voice memo app on my T2).

    Do I need to tweak some settings?
    Do the newer firmwares help? (I have 1.15)
    Should I just call myself and leave voicemails? (seems clunky)
    Treo 650 GSM unlocked, firmware 01.71, software 1.20-ENA
    Cingular with MEdia Net Unlimited ($24.95)
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    I like Personal Audio Recorder from Toysoft
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    I like Audacity... Especially for the conduit...
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    I use P.A.R. myself (Personal Audio Recorder), same as Amell. I use it most often to record panel and conference speakers and after fiddling with the settings, I now get pretty good playback, even from quiet speakers. I record with these settings: 22050 Hz on Mono. It gives me about 60 minutes worth of recording which uses 152MB on my 1GB SD card. BTW, it only costs $15.

    Hope this helps!
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    When comparing Audio quality, you really need to also consider file size. If you do, Audacity is the hands down winner. Their compression not only creates smaller files than all of the others, but the Audio quality is very good. I did find some sibilance problems on the Treo 600, but the 650 is quite good. I use the Audacity Pro and at PCM 16 and 22, the sibilance problem disappears, even on the 600.

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