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    I have had problems with my Cing Treo 650 since it popped out of the box. Resets, freezes, etc. Thanks to the forums here I have solved almost all of the problems except this last one.

    A reset was caused on such and such date/time while running "phone"

    HALRadio AcDc.c, Line:441, Host wake not asserted in time

    any suggestions, workarounds, fixes would be appreciated.

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    Ewwwww, that one I believe means defective hardware. Do a search for "halradio" and you will find a bunch of threads on this. Here is one to get you started:

    Good luck!!!
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    That is a defective hardware error. Many searches on the net will lead to one fix, EXCHANGE. I am exchanging mine out tomorrow with my local cingular dude. Only had this one for 7 days but it locks up several times a day. I have no 3rd party software loaded on it. Take yours back. Later.

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