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    Hi Everybody,

    We have developed a new product called ACT to Go. It is a one-way syncronizing tool, that lets you easily, with the press of a single button, send your ACT! contacts to your Palm handheld. It leaves your existing Palm contacts untouched. Once on your Palm, the contacts can easily be viewed using the ACT to Go Palm program. Works with ACT! 6 and 7 (2005), and Palm OS 4.1 and greater.

    More information and a trial version can be found here:
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    Anyone use this?
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    It doesn't mean much to me to just have the info only. This is available (one way dump) through a number of programs including the Treo, Act Link, and others.
    If you want to do something ... For a year I have been asking (begging) for improvements to Act for Palm w/ Act 6.0.
    The improvements are 5 way navigation, Email interface w/ snapper mail and SMS, Email icon next to the telephony icon and selection of Email address, and pop up caller ID on incoming calls from Act for Palm.
    Now that the Treo 600 has been out for almost two years, Best Software will probably come out with an updated program, but do not let that worry you, it will need fixes. Act for Palm, and 2005 still have bugs.

    StarTAC ST7868W w/ Motorola StarTAC Clipon Organizer; Treo 600; Treo 700P; Palm Pre Plus all on Verizon

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