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    I've seen a number of notes on Versamail not syncing properly with an IMAP server, but no clear solution.

    I have the same problem:Account: IMAP
    Sending and retrieving messages works ok.
    Deleting a message on the treo does not delete it on the server (although I do select the option).
    Moving a message to another folder does not get synced either.
    Reading a message does not get synced.
    Keeps getting already read messages.

    Emptying trash on handheld before sync does not help either. No errors are given. Message 'sync palm changes' ends almost immediately.

    What is wrong here?
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    i have the annoying same problem with Versamail in Treo 650.
    My imap Server is an Exchange 2000 Server. I use a certificate with imap to encrypt the communication.

    In Outlook Express, the imap account works fine, deleting messages, moving items between folders and more.
    All of these functions don't work in VersaMail

    Can Anyone give me an answer to solve this?

    Can Anyone recommend any product to replace Versamail (without migrate to Exchange 2003 and activesync)?

    Thanks in Advance.

    Rodrigo de los Santos
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    The application you want is Chatter Email.

    I am a Microsoft Admin and have an Exchange 2000 server. I just bought a Verizon Treo 650 and set up Chatter with my server. It works like a charm. It is well worth $32.

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    I read your postings since I am having a devil of a time getting my new Treo 650 to sync with my Outlook 2003. Instead, I find it is syncing with the server and have set the options in Outlook to not delete the mail for 30 days. That means that I have "take care of" any emails on my Treo within 30 days. also, I find that it doesn't seem to sync with Outlook, e.g. if I pull my emails Treo or through Outlook, but not both, they are not the same after syncing!!! This is very, very annoying! Besides, that isn't what synchronize means, it means to have them both be the same afterward!!!

    So I was wondering how your chatter email compares. Can I delete the emails from the server? when I sync will they have the same info? etc.


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    Yes, and yes.
    Chatter synchs with all folders; deleted messages can automatically be moved to a specified folder as can sent messages.
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    I have logged the issue with palm support. If they come up with anything good I'll keep you posted.
    In the meantime I'm going to check out chattermail. Thanks for the tip!
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    I third the motion for chatter.. Great app with great support...
    The only time I ever made a mistake was when i thought I did and was mistaken.
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    Hmmm. I just tried chatter and it kept resetting my treo! I installed it on my SD card. Maybe that has something to do with it, but I wouldn't call that stable behaviour. I had to manually take the chatter files off the SD card to get it working again. I am not impressed.
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    I don't believe it can run from card.. I might be wrong but I have it in the ram and I have yet to have a reset related to chatter.. Also get the stable version not beta...
    The only time I ever made a mistake was when i thought I did and was mistaken.
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    OK. I'll try that

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