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    I have 2 Gmail accounts and one of them is picking up new e-mails but the other one is not. I reset the phone and even setup a new Versamail account with the same information but it still is not picking up new e-mails.

    I also have the problem that it will continuously pick up hundreds of e-mails when I click "Get" because with Gmail I never delete e-mails.

    I know this has been covered several times but I have my trash set to delete only e-mails older than one month and I still keep getting hundreds of e-mails.
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    Go back into the gmail preferences for the account that isn't working. Just check to make sure that its only retrieving messages from now on. If it already is set, then set it to get all then go back in and do what i said first. It should help.
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    Another option I have found useful is to set the Preferences for "only get mail from the last 24 hours" - this way you do not get the hundreds of old email messages.

    However I'm having a new problem with my gmail.

    It was working fine for the past couple of months - but then for the past two weeks it stopped downloading any new messages. However I do not get any error messages - if I didn't check my gmail from a regular PC I wouldn't even have known that there was anything wrong.

    I tried changing a few things - like the Preferences setting from "Only get mail from last 3 days" to "only get mail from last 24 hours" - but no luck.

    I'm using the built in Palm email app, and I also have GoodLink for my corporate email.

    Anyone seen this problem?
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    In my experience GMail will only let you download your e-mail to an external POP3 e-mail client ONCE. So if I retreive a specific e-mail on my Treo first, it won't come up in Outlook on my desktop computer. If I get it on my desktop computer first, the same e-mail won't come up on my Treo.

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