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    I happen to have the same carrier (Verizon) for personal use as my employer provided phone. I have set my Treo 600 up with my work # as I use it a lot more. Does anyone know of a way I can have 1 device (Treo 600) receive/send calls on both "lines"? Maybe with different ringtones to determine which line was coming in.
    Or for that matter is there a device on the market with 2 line capability?
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    You can do this with Orange on most handsets, so it's possibly a carrier thing rather than a hardware thing ?
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    I'm interested in this also. I'm surprised you don't hear more about this being that it's a common thing now to have a work phone & personal phone.
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    Usaully is isn't possible because the phone doesn't have a place for two MSL codes (Or similar)
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    I remember back in the day I had a Nokia phone that had two #'s (a west coast & east coast #). I guess they stopped that because now most plans are nationwide when back then they were local.
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    with verizon you cannot have 2 active numbers on 1 handset
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    I have a unlocked GSM Treo 600 and it supports 2 lines of service.

    I use T-Mobile and the option is in the Phone App under Options / Change Line.

    I'm not sure if it is a SIM card option that the Treo sees, or a normal GSM option.

    I only have one line of service and there is a "1" one next to the signal bar. If I select the 2nd line, a "2" appears next to the signal meter. Phone calls coming in to line one show "Line 1" on the screen along with the caller ID information. If I try to call out on Line two I get a T-Mobile message stating that I'm trying to use a restricted service.

    Also, there are two lines listed on the Phone Info screen (Phone App, Options / Phone Info). Line 1 contains my phone number and Line 2 contains "Number not on SIM".
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    Wouldn't it be possible to set one of the phones to automatically forward all calls to the other line. This in effect would let you answer both lines on the one phone even if you could only make calls on one! You could then use a Ringtone program to Group business and personal calls with different ringers.
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    Yeah, the call forwarding thing would work but I have to watch my usage on the work number or the bean counters will take away my toys!
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    This exists and is called alternate line service. It is available on GSM and iDen systems. THE ONLY carrier in the USA to offer this nationwide is Nexthell. Sad but true. Cingular used to offer it in the Carolinas, but not nationwide. Maybe with WCDMA, but not in the near future for us. I wish, I truly wish.
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    be very careful if you call forward from 1 cell phone to another...verizon ***will*** charge you airtime minutes on ***both*** phones... I just had this argument with vzw... counting the days till my contract with the devil is up
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    I also forward one cell phone to another. I have talked to 2 cust. service reps and have confirmed their replys with my bill. I am really only charged minutes on one phone, as forwarding one line to the other is considered "mobile to mobile" and is unlimited.

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