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    I can't find anything setting out the advantages/disadvantages of using Sheet To Go against Excel.

    OK, in STG format a file takes up a little less space, but is that it?

    Is there any more/less functionality with either? Is there any more/less of a problem, after it's edited in STG, when you're using it back on your desktop in Excel?

    The same question applies to Word To Go v Word.
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    As far as I know, you can't share a STG with someone that does not have Docs To Go. Such as if you were to email them a document from your Treo. By working in native format, you can send the document, let them make changes and send it back to you.(if these types of things are needed)
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    I agree with Biggles. I've been using Docs to Go for Years and with the exception of size, I can't find any reason to use Sheet To Go. For all the reasons JohnH59 wrote and more, there seems no reason to use Sheet To Go especially if you have the intent on beaming an excel file or if it's stored on a card where you might want to pop the card out of the phone and insert into a desktop.

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    How do you all feel about Word to Go vs. the regular Word format in DTG?

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