(1) I noticed that if you place a call with someone and the number is not in your contact database, the T650 will ask you if you want to add the contact. Now that's a smart phone!

(2) Don't know of because I installed mLights or TreoGuard, but after a few seconds of making a phone call, the screen doesn't turn off completely, but it get's REALLY dark...and the keyboard backlights turn off as well! Sweet!

(3) When I first got my T50 and made a phoNE call, thaen hung up, the T650 flashed a little note "Call ended [name/number/time]. I think after I installed PowerUp and/or ResetMe, that function dissapeared.

Since were on the subject, what are some great T650 phone apps (both Shareware and freeware) that make the phone function even better?