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    When I try to open any Excel file, my Treo 650 turns the phone off and then goes to the default screen. I no longer can open any of my Excel files. Please help.
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    get dataviz tool, uninstall docstogo then reinstall docs to go that should do it.
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    I tried that couple times with different versions (7.002 and 7.006). I also tried a soft reset. None helped.
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    I had this happen a few times with me. I even uninstalled and reinstalled (including the PC software) and kept running into the same problems. What was even worse the crashes were knocking out my speakers.

    I upgraded the firmware from 1.04 to 1.23 and it's been stable ever since.
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    I went to's Tech Support, searched their knowledge base for Treo 650 and found a fix (Doc ID 13580). My Treo is functioning normally again.

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