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    I have used palm products since the Pilot. I just upgraded from a treo 600 to 650 (VZ). I followed the recommended changeover. Contacts, calendar and memos will not hot sync. The log says it "failed" in red letters. I have the setting for the handheld to overwrite the desktop because it is the most up to date. Help!!!
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    I am also getting a message when I hot sync: "your verizon wirless desktop needs to be upgraded. for now cradle sync is diabled." I am not using a cradle, but the cable that came with the phone.

    Can someone please help me?
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    go into wireless sync from the apps menu, click on the drop down menu bar and click on "connection settings", go to Advanced settings and check off the box titled"enable other sync apps" that solved my problems.
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    it worked ! Thanks! I spent 2 hrs. on the phone with a VZ tech who said I had a choice of hotsync or wireless sync, not both. I told him my 600 did both and he said I was lucky. Thanks for the great advice!! We should have this thread under a VZ help line!
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    THANKS!!!!! I just had exactly the same problem. This solved it. GREAT!!!

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    Now here is what is happening: I did what you suggested and I had already disabled the wireless sync conduit. The hot sync worked fine including the date book and contacts. when I restarted the wirlesssync went back again and the address bk and contacts failed to hot sync. What am I doing wrong, or is this the way it is with VZ? Thanks in advance
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    do other VZ customers have this issue?
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    I'm having the same problem. I have tried the suggested fix yet. Yes I'm a verizon customer
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    does anyone have a solution for us? It seems we have a choice of either having our contacts and date book hot syncd OR having wirless sync hot sync, but not both.

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