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    I bought a used 600 and I'm still playing with it as I await the sync/charging cable (I think the battery is dead)

    Did I miss something, or is there some secrete on/off switch somewhere?

    Other than a cable, is there another way to charge the battery if opened up? I noticed it uses a Li ion battery which has a charging circuit mounted next to it with 4 leads going to the main board.


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    You can hold down the top button and see what happens if that does nothing hit the reset button on the back if stil nothing battery is probably dead as you say no hidden buttons and no way to charge the battery other then pluggin a cable in to the phone itself
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    If the previous owner performed a Battery Disconnect Reset before sending it to you then there will be no way to turn it on until you plug the charger into it.
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    Thanks, guess I'm SOL till the charging cable arrives.

    thanks for the help

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