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    Quick question regarding mp3 ringtones. I have a 1gb SD card and plan on putting a couple mp3 files on the card to use as ringtones with ringo. All of my mp3's are full songs (3-4 minutes.) Question is, is it a waste to have the full mp3 file on the card when the ring will only last for about 20 seconds? I was wondering if anyone cuts the mp3 down to the actual ring time (20 seconds) ? I have an mp3 player and don't plan on using the treo as my music player, so the extra space will be needed for software, movies and games.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I use Cool MP3 Splitter ( to pull out just the parts of the MP3 that I want for the ring tone and load that. I'm gussing that ringo is the only one of the ringtone managers that can handle mp3s without plopping down money for pocket tunes as well.

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    I use Creative Lab's WAV Editor that came with my Audigy soundcard, just load up the MP3, and I find a good 20-25 seconds and crop it and save it. that's all.

    But heck you got a gig sd card, unless you need to space for movies or what not, I don't see why a whole song is a problem....

    I only crop my mp3s because lots of songs don't get good in the first 20 seconds

    I usually crop the chorus or something.
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    Most use Ptunes to listen to music anyway. So not to big a deal to put the entire song on the card.

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