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    Just wondering how many of you actually like or use Toysoft. I see smiley88 always get's torn apart. I never had a problem with either one, just wondering.......
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    This may get ugly... The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    I've commented on this a few times before. I am a registered user of two of their products, LightWav and Live! I have used them on 4 different Palm/Treo's.

    They are all buggy, sometimes to the point of unusable.

    Customer service is poor to nonexistant, IMO.

    Lastly, they continually ignore posts on this board, while simultaneously shilling thier products at the same time, often in the same post.

    Horrible company, horrible software. Wouldn't recommend them, no longer use the software (attempt to use would be more accurate)
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    Ok, I've been lurking on these boards for months reading and getting info and yes listening to Toysoft getting trashed on a regular basis. I own two Toysoft products, MP3Ringer and Freedom, both work great. I did experience a problem with the Freedom but after a quick email to Danny and a QUICK email back and a fix it has been smooth sailing. After doing much reading, and installing lots of products I find that some things that work just wonderful for others is buggy as he** for me and I delete. I have also installed things that don't work I read alot of posts about it and then I email developer and some I get answers from and some are VERY SLOW to answer, but I don't hop on the boards and start trashing them and telling people not to try the product, trashing someone because I don't like the product or how they answered me just isn't good "karma". I think maybe if some people if they are so unhappy with the product and the developer then why don't they go out get the software from Palm and start doing it for youself and see just how easy it is. But that is just my $.02 worth.
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    Freedom and P.A.R. Pro owner here - love them both!
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    I will agree, I use LightWav, but only use as Ringers, & Picture I.D. When emailed Danny, I always get an answer & fix right way, one night we were up 3 hours, and it was fixed, via email....But yes I also have other issues with other apps they offer, but no comment. Smilely for my sake, clear this for me, 88, what does that mean? Yer year of birth? Company start? Why? Well 88 in Cali.=White Power/Nazi.....Just wondering....again, The Rev.
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    I appreciate your positive thoughts on Toysoft. However, it seems that you are unaware that this is a forum, devoted to peoples opinions on topics. If we only posted positive opinions so as not to "trash" a developer or product, how good a forum would it be?

    You posted your positive experience, I posted my negative experience. Others will base there opinions on their experience. Then they might post on this board... It all seems to be what a forum is about. Do you not agree?

    My karma is well and good. Just because I bought some software that didn't work, does not mean I should go and learn how to develop it myself. If I have a bad meal at a restaraunt I don't necessarily go out & try to learn how to make that meal better then they can. I do however talk to people around me about how bad it was and possibly recommend against eating there...

    Lastly, it appears that you are (at least at the time of this writing) in the minority as 55% do not care for either Toysoft or Smiley88...

    At least that's how I see it...
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    although I didn't have any problems with Lightwav, I think matty has a point.

    I would rather see the awful truth about something before I shell money out than have to find out on my own afterwards... kinda like the $30 I dropped for Ringo Pro and how it works about as good as nothing. :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendrhino
    ...Smilely for my sake, clear this for me, 88, what does that mean? Yer year of birth? Company start? Why? Well 88 in Cali.=White Power/Nazi.....Just wondering....again, The Rev.
    ...the 88 keys on a piano?

    However, my ancient KARN upright c1900 piano only has 85 keys...
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    Here is what I have from Toysoft: LightNZip (not a problem with this at all), PAR Pro (love it, use it often and when I did have problems with it, the fix was done in just a matter of hours), Freedom (just got it, not a bad app once I learned to use it with VoiceIt along with the bluetooth headset I have - Motorola HS820), and myAlbum. All work as advertised, all have been stable and for me, the service has been good.

    There has been only one developer I have not been happy with and that's from a purchase three years ago. Ben
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    Why? Because I was just wondering why Toysoft gets beat up, all the time. Plus to give them a chance to speak their side...sorry
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    I for one have also tried and used some of toysoft's products, namely lightwave 5, the only multi-assignable ring tone app that seem to do just as good a job as callfilter with most of its features and then some for a 650. Freedom is also pretty useful and trouble free. There support seems on the ball, I got a reply within minutes on a sat. due to a lost registration code. Although no company is perfect they got my vote!
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    I've tried Lightwav and had heaps of trouble with it. I went through some fixes etc but in the end I just gave up. CallFilter just works. It may not have all of the features but features aren't much use if they don't work and I don't have spare hours to spend on troubleshooting every little problem. By the same token I did get a response to support requests so I wouldn't bag Toysoft too much but as I said... I don't need the aggravation... just an app that works!
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    I wouldnt have anything bad to say about Toysoft if smilley would at least reply to posts about bugs instead of ignoring them, he does this all the time.

    *I also think it pretty low when smiley hijacks threads that are concerning another product and tries to sell his

    **I will admit LightWav with all its features seems to be the perfect app but unfortunately every new update I try the new version and I see bugs from previous versions..when I mention them to smiley he ignores them totally!! He is more than aware of some of these bugs and it isnt my job to address them..he should comment on them and fix them instead of ignoring...nuff said.
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    Crash. Crash. Crash. Bug. Bug. Bug. That's Toysoft. I've tried every version of Lightwav that's been released in the last year and a half. NOT A SINGLE ONE worked properly. Waste of money.
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    I've just tried the 5.6 update of Lightwav. The reg code doesn't work. How idiotic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slem
    I've just tried the 5.6 update of Lightwav. The reg code doesn't work. How idiotic.
    They sent out a new version almost immediately.
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    I've used Lightwav since it's initial release and currently find it very stable. I lived through the bugs and helped beta several of the earlier versions. Danny is always quick to respond to my support e-mails. I also own PAR, My Country and purchase NFL Schedule every year.

    I think Toysoft makes some great apps. I do however dislike when any developer starts posting in threads for the sole reason of pushing one of their products. Toysoft is far from the only developer who does this though. If this were a crime most of the software developers who post on this forum would be found guilty. I'd rather leave it to the members to post the solutions. But that's just my personal feelings.

    I agree constructive criticism is good and everyone's entitled to their opinion. You don't like the software, support and anything about the company who makes it? It's simple. Just don't purchase it.
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    I too have been using Lightwav since it's first stage (T600). I had issued back then with the first few release but Danny was very helpful and was able to fix it after multiple emails back and forth. Now I have a 650 and continue to use Lightwav and love it. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones. The only thing that was dissapointing was having to wait for the 650 version. But when it did finally come out, it was a free upgrade so I was happy.
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