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    evidently i can buy a bluetooth adapter for the 600. i apologize for being late but i just decided to give up the 300 after my 5th replacement. anybody know where i can find the earpiece and adapter combo at a decent price? thanx in advance.
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    I just joined the Treo 600/blue tooth headset group and am very impressed so far. I purchased a Jabra A210 adapter and a Motorola HS820 (different sources). Very pleased with performance so far. They connect with each other very quickly, if not immediately. The car test is next along with verifying that they talk to each other after being turned off then back on.

    I purchased the adapter via the Internet for around $40 and the headset from CompUSA (I wanted to find a comfy one). CompUSA did not have the top contender (from this forum); however, the HS820 was comfy when I placed it on the ear.

    Needing only the ability to duplicate wired headset operation, I do not miss any features of a real blue tooth combo unit as would be in the Treo 650 line. I use CallFilter to announce my calls.


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