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    Hi there. Yes, I know I should drop AOL, but my account is free and I use it for dial up when I travel, so my question is:
    Has anyone used Verizon Wireless Sync with an AOL email address?

    I'm trying to figure out how the push works with AOL. With Verzion's new wireless sync, is there a way to get unread messages on the treo to show up as unread on my desktop PC as well, ala what an Exchange server would normally do? I ask because i usually use "automatic aol" (which downloads mail to my PC hard drive so i can read/respond/etc. when i'm offline, and then just run a sync session on my pc to send out/bring in new mail).

    Not quite sure what the difference is between Wireless Sync email software and setting up Versamail from the PC. As I understand it, the wireless sync software will act like an exchange server for my non-corporate/non-exchange email accounts.

    Any experience/thougths on what to use as I set it up?
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    Don't be apologetic about AOL. Its precisely because all the "Tech Cool " folks have ranted about how uncool AOL has been for years and years, that I have kept an account open with them. I hope they make the transition to whatever it is they want to be in the future.

    Not sure about Verizon but I am on Sprint and get AOL mail fine with versamail. No push though.

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