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    Anyone else have this problem on the Sprint Treo 650:

    - when attempting to use the scroll bar on the right hand side to scroll through the pictures anv videos (especially on the SD card), you will try to scroll down a couple of pages and after loading all the pictures on that particular page, the scroll bar will push it back to the first page of pictures immediately so that you can't actually select any of the pictures on that page. It seems you have to hold the stylus down on the exact location on the scroll bar until all the pictures have finished loading (which can take quite a while on the SD Card) for it to actually stay there and not reset back to the first page. Anyone have any ideas/help regarding this? Thanks!

    (also, does anyone have any idea why taking pictures to an SD card or loading them via pics&videos from an SD card takes forever!!?? and, when I copy them over from the internal memory to the SD card, why does the date/time stamp change to the time I copied them and not to the original time the picture was taken??)

    Thanks for any help with these problems!!

    - marc
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    I have noticed that as well. I find you have to highlight a picture and then use the nav button to move down the list, rather than the scroll bar, when it comes to big list of pics. A minor annoyance, but I am sure not what they intended. I have not noticed a huge speed lag in working with pics or video on the SD card though.

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