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  1. #21 on Shoutcast has Howard but they are old shows
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    Quote Originally Posted by Souren
    Can you "Tune In" to the radio stations by clicking the button for the station? When I click it is asks to save to Application or Card, I choose Application, then it asks if I want to Save or Save and Open, I choose Save and Open then get: Error: Database: can't find (0X0207).

    The only way I've been able to get Internet music to stream through PTunes is to use my PC to Tune In and copy the IP address then put that in PTunes. Kind of cumbersome process, am I missing something??
    Are you trying to Tune In when you surfing through Skweezer? This might not be the problem, but I found that you can't tune in to Shoutcast stations if you are on the site using Skweezer.

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    Just stumbled onto this. It's an XM player for smartphones. Before you get all jazzed, it's Windows Mobile only, no Palm support. Why do I mention it? Might come in handy around Februaryish, eh?
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