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    I've done some searching and it would seam to suggest the Treo 650 is currently bluetooth 1.1 (hardware could support BT1.2, but the OS does not at this time), and also would suggest that for stereo headphones (headsets as well) BT1.2 is needed.. thus no stereo headphones for Treo 650.

    Is this true? Or anyone with actual counter-proof?

    (Just flipping through a Pocket PC magazine and saw some really good looking stereo headphones for an iPaq and thought *damn*, those would be fine on my 650. The bottom mounting headset jack is forever causing me trouble and most of the time cuts out unless stationairy.. I'm hoping ot listen and walk and leave the mp3 player at home

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    I'll find out next week when I receive my Bluewalker bluetooth headphones. I dream of listening to MP3's and hitting a button to receive calls. It would be great if it worked this way, but so far the BT on my 650 has been shakey with GPS. It's stable once it sync. with the bt receiver, but GETTING it to link is another story.


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    you are correct...not BT 1.2+ no stereo BT headsets.

    previous discussions are available here as well
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    Please let us know if it works and how well. I agree this would be great..............
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    the treo 650 doesn't support the correct profile for stereo audio.
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    "a2dp" is the profile. it is not available with BT 1.1 which is what the 650 has.
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    I currently use the Blue Take Stereo Bluetooth headset with my Treo 650. It requires the dongle type connection for Stereo MP3's but does work with the microphone. It occasionally does not work smoothly between MP3's and the phone but this has not posed any major problems. However, I use an alarm clock program and when the Blue Take dongle is plugged in, the external speaker does not work, so don't fall asleep listening to music and expect the alarm to wake you up!
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    How do you transfer from music to a answer or make a phone call?

    Do you pair the headset to the Treo? or just the dongle?

    Could you please list the steps .. starting with turing the headset and the dongle on?

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