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    Hi folks,

    I love my Treo 650. It has replaced my cell phone, beeper, and Tungsten T3. Just dabbled in RealPlayer and got it to play mp3's. It could replace my entire Rio Cali mp3 player ... IF ... it got radio reception, too. Hmmm, let's see. Treo's got an antenna, it's got software, maybe it could receive AM and/or FM radio, right? How hard could that be? (yeah, right)

    When I go running, I already have to carry my Treo on my hip in case I get paged (doctor), so it would be most amazing to be able to use it to play tunes and radio in my ears while running and leave the Rio mp3 player home. If you're gonna dream, may as well dream big, right?


    -- Josh in Syracuse
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    How about streaming radio on the Internet?
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    There are a number of wired headsets/earbuds with a built in radio... perhaps that would work?
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    there are radio sd cards on the market, I did not do much research into them since I have most of my apps on the sd card and prefered them to live radio. The suggestion to stream radio through the internet with pocket tunes is also a good one.
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    These are all some great recommendations! Never thought of streaming radio over internet, although sounds like a perfect solution. And radio headphones I never even imagined. Thanks!
    -- Josh
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    But if he streams radio would he be able to recieve a page or a phone call?
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    Quote Originally Posted by string3599
    But if he streams radio would he be able to recieve a page or a phone call?

    Nope.... that is why they have iPods.

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    I just got the headphone adapter yesterday so I could hear what Shoutcast streams (in ptunes deluxe) sound like in something other than the crappy built-in speaker.

    1. As I suspected, FM radio doesn't sound super. YMMV but if you're used to 192 kbps MP3, you might be disappointed by Shoutcast.

    2. I think my headset jack is a little whacked - by jiggling the adapter it was all to easy to produce static. Is this common? Wondering whether I should bug PalmOne about it and try to get it fixed or replaced... Or do I have any shot at opening the unit up (voided warranty?) and soldering a possibly loose connection. I am pretty underwhelmed with the apparent lack of quality control on the Treos from reading these boards. Is it silly to expect more from a $600 device?
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    Yes , you can receive messages (sms, Instant messaging or voice mail message) if you are using shoutcast with pocket tunes. Your phone will not work, but your connection to the internet is open for several applications. For example, you can use verichat or yahoo messenger, check your stocks live while you listen to shoutcast, and still receive a notice that you have voice mail or an sms.
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    When I am streaming shoutcast via pocket tunes my 650 mutes the music and allows me to answer the call.
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    Hi folks,

    Update: yes, streaming audio via internet and PocketTunes works! I listened to my local National Public Radio station's Car Talk program this morning while walking my baby around the neighborhood. Very nifty, didn't eat up much battery at all.

    What is Shoutcast??

    -- Josh
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    Did have a couple of interruptions in the stream of the radio broadcast to my Treo 650 from my local NPR station's web streaming audio. But PocketTunes seemed to reconnect and get the feed back running in about a half a minute. Is this usual for streaming internet audio feeds?
    -- Josh
    PS What is Shoutcast?
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    ^ Shoutcast is the type of stream format PocketTunes supports. You can find lots of other stations at
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    I don't see where pocket tunes allows streaming music? under what option??
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    Go to actions>open>internet radio. This is where you enter the url obtained from

    you'll need stations at <32kps (if I remember correctly) there are many choices available.

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    or just go to shoutcast via the browser, find the stastion you want and click listen it will download a small file or something and then ptunes will start playing you can bookmark this station in ptunes
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    Quote Originally Posted by butreo
    When I am streaming shoutcast via pocket tunes my 650 mutes the music and allows me to answer the call.
    You must be the only one...
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    FYI - there are a number of stations that support internet streaming that are not listed in the Shoutcast directory. KGO 810 AM San Francisco (, for instance. Check the web site of your favorite station if Shoutcast doesn't list it.

    And, if (like me) you're a pilot or aviation enthusiast, check out for a list of dozens of U.S. and international ATC frequencies that stream over the internet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fl00d_pr0z
    You must be the only one... that way for me too.
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